Phone: 219-322-5000
Department: Police Department

Michael Vode grew up in Merrillville, IN and graduated from Merrillville High School in 1988. Mike joined the United States Marine Corps in 1989 and served in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1990-1991. Mike achieved the rank of sergeant before leaving the USMC in 1995. Mike was hired by the Schererville Police Department in 1996. Mike served in the Patrol Division for 6 years. While in patrol, he served as a field training officer, bike patrol officer, firearms instructor, and PR 24 baton instructror. Following his 6 years in the patrol division, Mike served in the Investigations Division for 5 years. While in Investigations, Mike became a member of the Major Crimes Task Force. The Major crimes Task Fore is comprised of detectives throughout Lake and Porter Counties. The Task Force responds to and assists in investigating violent crimes, such as homicides. While a member of the Task Force, Commander Vode worked on several homicide investigations throughout Lake County. In 2008, Mike was promoted to the rank of Corporal and acted as a supervisor in the Patrol Division. For the past 6 years, Mike has been a member of the Northwest Regional SWAT Team. The Northwest Regional SWAT Team is made up of members from the following Police Departments; Merrillville, Crown Point, Schererville, Dyer, Griffith, and Hobart. The SWAT team responds to such calls as search warrants, arrest warrants for dangerous subjects, and barricaded individuals. Mike instructs the team in tactics and firearms and serves as a team leader. Mike was appointed to the position of Detective Commander in February 2012. Currently there are two major changes planned for the Investigations Division. First is the creation of a Special Operations Task Force. The task force will include officers and detectives working in conjunction with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The task force will work on all levels of drug related cases in the Town of Schererville. Mike also sees the task force being utilized in areas requiring specialized police assistance. The task force was created due to an increase in drug related overdoses and crimes. Secondly, Mike also foresees the Investigations Division and the Special Operations Task Force becoming more proactive in the community than in past years. Commander Vode stated that he would like to see the investigators and the task force officers out of the office and working in the area Schererville businesses and neighborhoods. There are also plans for the Criminal Investigations division to create an updated rank structure. Commander Vode stated that the rank structure will include the Detective Commander and a Detective Supervisor. The additional supervisor will help Commander Vode manage the day to day operations of the Detective Division. Schererville Police Deparment is planning on holding a promotional test this year. The promotional test will include a written test along with oral interviews to help select the best candidates

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