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The Schererville Police Department has two officers assigned to the ATV patrol, Officer William Lawrence and Officer Richard Jandura. These officers ride a 2003 Yamaha Kodiak equipped with a police radio and emergency lights. The ATV program has been instrumental in patrolling hard to get areas, such as bike paths, wooded areas, and along railroad beds. The ATV has also been instrumental in the capture of criminals, searching for lost people, and crowd control during parades and festivals.

During June of 1989, Officer Lawrence was sworn in and has been serving in the patrol division since that date. Officer Lawrence was certified in May of 2005 on the operation of the ATV and is assigned to patrol on the ATV during special events.

Officer Jandura was sworn in in 1995 and has been serving in the patrol division since that date. He is a former United States Marine. Officer Jandura is the area’s Safety Instructor/trainer for the ATV and has certified hundreds of Officers and Firemen. Officer Jandura also holds instructor license’s in Defensive Tactics, the PR-24 (Police Baton), and OC (Pepper) spray. His future endeavor is to one day become a Master Instructor with the ATV Safety Institute.


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