Summer Star Party


Join us for an out of this world viewing experience as the powerful telescopes of the Calumet Astronomical Society show you the wonders of our night sky. Members of the Society will take you on a tour of planets, star clusters, galaxies, and other celestial objects.

General Information: This free event is open to everyone. Families and school groups are especially welcome. Because observing is conducted in a “lights out” environment, parents are requested to keep their children under close supervision. For the safety of our visitors and members, and to prevent damage to the equipment, running or other reckless activities will not be permitted. Please do not use standard flashlights in the observing area. Exposure to white light, even briefly, will seriously impair night vision making observing difficult. Red filter flashlights can provide illumination without affecting night vision. (You can easily make a red light by cutting the end of a red balloon and putting it over a standard flashlight).

Note: Observing with telescopes is contingent upon clear weather. A cloudy sky, uncertain, or inclement weather conditions will cause the program to be cancelled without advance notice. In case of inclement weather contact the Park office for viewing status (219) 865-5530. Ext. 6105

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