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Erie Lackawanna Trail

The Erie Lackawanna Trail runs from Hammond to Crown Point. The total amount of mileage the trail spans is about 17 miles. Roughly three (3) of those miles pass through Schererville. Coming from Griffith, the path starts near the Lake of the Meadows Subdivision. From there, the path follows along Burr Street, with a tunnel providing access underneath US 30. The trail then goes into the Pine Island Subdivision and continues on into Crown Point.

Parking in Schererville for the trail is readily available on Burr Street, just south of where it intersects with Joliet Street. Two shelters are close to the parking area, along with drinking fountains. Other parking areas are available in Crown Point or additional spots along the trail.

On the Lackawanna Trail, looking at a rest pavilion that sits next to the trail

Erie Lackawanna Trail - Rest Pavilion

A paved trail running between fields of grass in the middle of a forest

Erie Lackawanna Trail

Another rest pavilion on the trail.

Rest Pavilion