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Shelter reservations and payments can be made the following ways: 


All fees listed below are to be non-refundable. No refunds will be made, nor will the requested date of shelter rental be switched. Any waiver or refund of fees shall be only at the discretion of the Park Board. The following rental fees shall be as follows:

Redar, Rohrman, and Stephen Park Shelters
Amount of People Resident  Non-resident In Town  Non-Profit Out of Town Non-Profit
Fewer than 75 $90.00 + $6.30 tax $180.00 + $12.60 tax $45.00 $90.00
75-150  $180.00 + $12.60 tax $360.00 + $25.20 tax $90.00 $180.00
Over 150 (Over 150 Usage is subject to Park Board Approval) $270.00 + $18.90 $540.00 + $37.80 $135.00 $270.00


Plum Creek Shelter Note: Shelter Capacity is 75 people
Amount of People Resident Non-resident In Town Non-Profit Out of Town Non-Profit
75 or less $90.00 + $6.30 tax $180.00 + $12.60 tax $45.00 $90.00


All Other Park Shelters Note: All other Shelter Capacities are 25 people
Amount of People Resident Non-resident
25 or less $30.00 + $2.10 tax $60.00 + $4.20 tax

Public Events
$540.00 including one electrical panel (Redar Only) and a security deposit of $250.00

  • Only Redar, Rohrman, Stephen, and Plum Creek have electric.
  • Bathrooms are open from April 15th thru October 15th
  • Grills are not located at every park. Please call (219)865-5530 for a list of parks which have grills.
  • Reservations/Payment of these shelters can be made in-person at the Clerk-Treasurer Office or Schererville Community Center or online.

Groups of 25 or more individuals are required to have a shelter permit in order to utilize the shelters listed above. Resident fees apply only to those individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations within the Schererville corporate limits. Residents representing non-Schererville groups, businesses, or organizations shall pay the Non-resident rate. Any waiver or reduction of rental fees shall be at the sole discretion of the Schererville Parks and Recreation Board.

Note Pavilions are subject to specific procedures for reserving them. The procedures for reserving pavilion use shall be:

Second Monday in January - April 15 Period during which permits for requests by Schererville residents, groups, businesses, or organizations only shall be issued, on a first-come first-serve basis.
April 16  First-come first-serve basis for permits, regardless of residence.

All appropriate rental fees and deposits must be paid in full at the time of reservation. Residents representing non-Schererville groups, businesses, or organizations must pay the non-resident rate and adhere to the above timetable.

Phone: (219) 65-5530

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