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New accounts and water billing information may be obtained through the Clerk Treasurer's office at (219) 322-2211 ext. 5.  The Water Department oversees the delivery of water utility services for the community and handles drainage and water-related problems. If you suspect you are having issues with your water service, please review the articles listed or contact us at (219) 322-6688 or (219) 322-5486. For specific information on water billing questions, visit the Clerk-Treasurer's Utility Billing page or call them at (219)322-2211.


Water Department Questions

Questions & Answers

How hard is my water and what is my water pressure?

The hardness of Schererville’s water is usually 7.0. The water pressure is usually between 45 & 55.

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Why does my water smell and taste musty?

Every year the algae in Lake Michigan go through cycles with periods of peak growth in early spring, mid-summer and again in late fall. This causes an unpleasant (but harmless) taste in the water, described as “musty”. The abundance of algae has been linked to the introduction of the zebra mussel into Lake Michigan. This mollusk is a living water filter that is native to Europe. As it feeds it removes particles from the water. The feeding of billons of zebra mussels has increased sunlight penetration that promotes growth of algae. When easterly winds prevail, these algae accumulate in the relatively shallow water in the vicinity of our intake pipes as well as those of all near-by water treatment plants. Should you notice this change, you can be confident that the water is perfectly safe to use. The taste of the water will return to normal soon after the wind direction changes. Meanwhile the flavor of the water can be improved by keeping it in an open pitcher in the refrigerator.

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Why does my tap water look cloudy?

Every winter we receive a few phone calls saying there water looks cloudy. Do not be alarmed, it is harmless, it is only AIR. This is caused by the temperature of Lake Michigan. When water is pumped thru distribution mains on the way to your home it begins to warm as it flows underground. This warming trend continues as the water enters the pipes in your home. All along it remains under pressure. This pressure forces the air to remain in solution even though its concentration is several times in excess of the water’s current capacity. As soon as a household faucet is opened, the pressure is relieved and dissolved air begins to release. If you observe a glass of this ‘cloudy’ water, you will soon notice that it begins to clear at the bottom. As the bubbles rise to the top of the glass and pop, the band of cloudiness slowly begins to disappear. These tiny bubbles are visible upon close inspection. Once the cloudiness dissipates, the water is perfectly clear. No residue is visible at the bottom of the glass, offering further proof that this is simply air.

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What are the white particles sometimes found in my faucet aerators?

There's a growing problem across America today, triggered by residential water heater dip tubes made from an inferior polymer plastic. These tubes are literally going to pieces in the tank, causing hot-water shortages and polluting household plumbing systems with white plastic particles. When the owners find these particles floating in their water or clogging their aerators, they often call their water agency to complain. Why? Because water users perceive this as something that is coming into their residence from the water being supplied from the Town, not something that is originating within their homes. The Schererville Water Department recommends that you contact a licensed plumber to discuss correction to this condition.

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