2023 Celebrate Schererville Festival Details

June 6, 2023 09:00 AM

Schererville's annual "🎉Celebrate Schererville Festival🎡" is back!!
Carnival rides🎡, games 🎯, live entertainment 🎶🎤, huge variety of food vendors 🥘 , and a beer 🍺 gardens are all part of the fun at this celebratory party. 🎊🎉🥳

Schererville Fest Q&A

  • When: Wednesday June 7th - Sunday June 11th
  • Where: Redar Park - 217 Gregory St.
  • Parking: There are signs located throughout the surrounding streets that state where you can/can't park. Parking map here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1RTtBsJXlXHT3xwE6lv48L5ksPO0&usp=sharing
  • Do you have an ATM? Do all vendors accept card?: There is an ATM on site, however we recommend coming prepared with cash as not all vendors accept plastic as payment
  • When & Where is the Schererville Parade: The Parade Route starts on Roman Road & Joliet and culminates at Redar park. It begins at 5pm on Saturday June 10th. 
  • Can I bring my dog to the fest: We ask that our furry friends stay home for this event.
  • What're the details on the beer garden: The beer garden was increased in size due to the expected increase in attendance for this year's fest. The beer garden is a family friendly beer garden and all ages are permitted to enter. Those who are purchasing beer will be required to present ID at the entrance (located near the playground) and receive a wristband. The section serving alcohol is 21 and up only.
  • Where can I pick up my pre-sale wristbands that I purchased online: You can pick up your physical pre-sale wristband from the Schererville parks blue tent which is located near the front entrance of Redar Park. Those who purchased the wristband are required to have their ID in order to pick them up (This is stated on your receipt, it's to protect your purchase!).

⬇️ See Wristband info below! ⬇️

Wednesday (DAY 1) ↔️June 7th

  • Entertainment #1 🎶The Sting Rays
  • Time ⏰ 5pm-7pm
  • Entertainment #2 🎶 The Muddsharks
  • Time ⏰ 8p-11pm
  • Fest Hours⌚️5p-11pm
  • Beer Garden Hours ⌚️5p-11pm
  • Bingo Hours ⌚️6pm-10pm

Thursday (DAY 2) ↔️ June 8th

  • Entertainment #1 🎶 Rocky Road Band
  • Time ⏰ 5pm-7pm
  • Entertainment #2 🎶 Dick Diamond & the Dusters
  • Time ⏰ 8p-11pm
  • Fest Hours⌚️5p-11pm
  • Beer Garden Hours ⌚️5p-11pm
  • Bingo Hours ⌚️6pm-10pm

Friday (DAY 3) ↔️ June 9th

  • Entertainment #1 🎶 Big Dog Mercer
  • Time ⏰ 5pm-7:30pm
  • Entertainment #2 🎶 Mr. Funnyman
  • Time ⏰ 8:30pm-11:30pm
  • Fest Hours⌚️5p-11pm
  • Beer Garden Hours ⌚️5pm-11:30pm
  • Bingo Hours ⌚️ 6pm-11pm

Saturday (DAY 4) ↔️ June 10th

  • Entertainment #1 🎶 Bad Alley Shadows
  • Time ⏰ 4:30pm-7:30pm
  • Entertainment #2 🎶 Echoes of Pompeii
  • Time ⏰ 8:30pm-11:30pm
  • Fest Hours ⌚️ 2pm-11pm
  • Beer Garden Hours ⌚️4pm-11:30pm
  • Bingo Hours ⌚️ 6pm-11pm
  • Schererville Parade ⌚️ 5PM

Sunday (DAY 5) ↔️ June 11th

  • Entertainment #1 🎶 Fifty-One Lincoln Band
  • Time ⏰ 4pm-6pm
  • Entertainment #2 🎶 Nicole Jamrose
  • Time ⏰ 7pm-10pm
  • Fest Hours ⌚️ 2p-10pm
  • Beer Garden Hours ⌚️ 4pm-10pm
  • No Bingo on Sunday!

Schererville Parks brings back Schererville Fest MEGAPASS!
*️⃣ Are you ready for 5 days full of FUN? Now you can get get UNLIMITED RIDES at Schererville Fest for only $60!!!!
PLUS...all new rides provided by Modern Midways!!!
🚨Pre-sale is available May 1st!🚨
*️⃣ Online ticket purchases will pick up their wristband from the Blue Schererville Parks tent at the Festival!
*️⃣ Pre-Sale Megapass Wristbands (good for ALL 5 DAYS) will be honored on the following dates:
June 7-9th : Wed-Fri: 5pm-11pm
June 10th : Saturday: 2pm-11pm
June 11th : Sunday: 2pm-9pm
*️⃣ There are height restrictions on some rides
*️⃣ Regular price Megapass wristbands can be purchased at the ticket booths for $70 per wristband AFTER Pre-Sale. (ON-SITE)
*️⃣ Single Day Wristbands = $30 per wristband - (No Presale available, ON SITE availability only)

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