Police Department

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division makes up the bulk of the police force. These are the men and women who will most often be encountered out on the streets, enforcing laws and protecting the citizens of Schererville


Name Badge Number Rank/Title
Michael Bork 195 Patrol Commander
Dave Hunter 177 Sergeant
Jamie Janson 179 Sergeant
Juston Juarez 200 Sergeant
Brian Daniels 183 Sergeant
Dan Drexler 196 Corporal
Diego Alvarez 199 Corporal, K9
Tim Mele 164 Corporal
Anthony Rubino 204 Corporal
Josette Quiroga 208 Corporal
Stephen Burton 171 School Resource Officer
Jeffrey Zemburski 185 Officer
Damian Murks 187 Officer
Daniel Quasney 198 Officer
Matthew Gerbick 203 Officer
Thaddeus Sprynal 207 Officer
Jeffrey Wozniak 209 Officer, K9
Ricardo Ascencio 212 Officer
Mark Djordjevich 213 Officer
Ryan Eger 214 Officer
Thomas Ruzga 215 Officer
Michael Ortega 217 Officer
Tiffany Beemsterboer 218 Officer
Kenneth Galliher 219 Officer
Scott Karras 220 Officer
Michael Osborn 221 Officer
Dennis Jashenski 222 Officer
Martin Spizewski 223 Officer
Jacob Bermingham 224 Officer, K9
Sean Leto 225 Officer
Madeline Guillermo 226 Officer
Gerardo Garza 227 Officer
Luke Paprocki 228 Officer
Matthew Voss 229 Officer
Brett Bandstra 230 Officer
John Hannon 231 Officer
Ashlee Tancos 232 Officer
Keith Hickok 233 Officer