Police Department

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division makes up the bulk of the police force. These are the men and women who will most often be encountered out on the streets, enforcing laws and protecting the citizens of Schererville

Name Badge Number Rank/Title
Brian Neyhart 127 Sergeant, Patrol Commander
Tim Arvanitis 130 Corporal
Larry Mysliwiec 133  Sergeant
Steve McNamara 168 Sergeant
Marc Handley 140 Sergeant
William Bednar 166  Sergeant
Ray Lea 143 Corporal
Dave Hunter 177 Corporal
Jamie Janson 179 Corporal 
Kevin Wagner 188 Corporal
Andy Stack 137 Officer
Hiland Weaver 145 Officer
Jennifer Zukley 152 Officer
Vince Bertossi 154  Officer
Jeff Ahrens 163 Officer
Steve Burton 171 School Resource Officer
Jake Parker 176 Officer, K9
Jordan Knight 180 Officer
Jeff Myszak 181 Officer
Brian Daniels  183 Officer
Chris Lopez 184 Officer
Damian Murks 187 Officer
Adam Biella 189 Officer
Hector Mendez 190 Officer
Ryan Staley 193 Officer
Mike Bork 195 Officer
Daniel Drexler 196 Officer
Daniel Quasney 198 Officer
Diego Alvarez 199 Officer, K9
Justin Juarez 200 Officer
Scott Savich 201 Officer
Ashley Stevens 202 Officer
Matthew Gerbick 203 Officer
Anthony Rubino 204 Officer
Jeremy Ahrens 205 Officer