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wastewater Projects and upgrades

wastewater Projects and upgrades


Projects and Upgrades

Over the years, the WasteWater Treatment Plant has received several different upgrades to its facilities. Additionally, there are several different projects that have been implemented and/or drafted to continue upgrading the Plant, the various lift stations, and the sewage system.

  • 1964: Construction of the 0.5 MGD Treatment Facility
  • 1977: Construction of the 1.5 MGD Treatment Facility
  • 1983: Construction of the Raw Sewage Pump Station and Flow Equalization Facility
  • 1986: Construction of the 3.5 MGD Facility, addition of three Primary Clarifiers, four Aeration Tanks and the conversion of the 1.5 MGD facility to an Aerobic Digester
  • 1991: Construction of the 5.0 MGD Treatment Facility, the addition of three Primary Clarifiers, six Aeration Tanks, two Secondary Clarifiers and three 200 HP Blowers
  • 1994: Construction of the Belt Filter Press Facility
  • 1995: Addition of Ultra-Violet Disinfection Facilities and conversion of two Primary Clarifiers
  • 2003: Construction of the 8.75 MGD Facility, addition of four Aeration Tanks and one Secondary Clarifier
  • 2010: Construction of the New Headworks Facility, Dewatering Facility, Aerobic Digester, Back-up Generator and a 300 hp High Speed Blower
  • 2015: Construction of the New Ultra-Violet Disinfection Facility
  • 2017: Construction of two new Secondary Clarifiers, a new R.A.S. Building, Aeration Tank modifications and the installation of a new 500 KW Emergency Generator
  • 2018: Installation of a new 335 horsepower High Speed Blower
  • 2021: Construction of a Phosphorus Removal System