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General Information

In the state of Indiana if wastewater is treated, a certified operator is required regardless of the type of facility or discharge. Thus, any responsible charge operator of a municipal, industrial, or industrial pretreatment facility must be certified and their certification class must match the classification of that facility or be a higher level. 

The Town of Schererville’s wastewater treatment plant is categorized as a Class IV facility and its responsible charge operator must hold a Class IV license. Over 60% of our staff is certified with a wastewater license classification which greatly benefits the day to day operations of the facility. The majority of our staff is made up of 3 major divisions, Laboratory, Maintenance, and Plant Operations, who, again, all hold some type of wastewater license. Continuing education is also important, as license’s need to be renewed every two years for all classes. Class I and II must complete 15 hours of additional education bi-annually, while Class III and IV need to have 30 hours of education bi-annually. It is a 24-7/365 operation that requires equipment maintenance, laboratory testing, and disinfecting of the wastewater that flows from the towns of Schererville and St. John to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

The following video gives an introductory tour through the Wastewater facility and the processes the department carries out in order to pump out clean, safe products. This is also available to download in a PowerPoint format.