Fire Department

Schererville ladder Fire Truck driving in the Schererville Parade

Little kids posing in front of a fire truck and wearing fireman hats

Schererville Fire Truck with a Tower Ladder on it

Tower Ladder 1

Welcome to the Schererville Fire Department. Feel free to browse the site which we update on a fairly regular basis. We are dedicated to making Schererville a safe place to live. If you have any question you would like to ask of the Fire Department, please navigate to our online directory and send an email to whomever you think could best answer (you may even see your question in the FAQ section at some point).

Mission Statement

  • Our mission as the Schererville Fire Department is to serve the needs of its people. Whether it is of fire or medical nature, we will respond to the need in an efficient, well-trained and professional manner. Our task is to always reach for higher standards of excellence to provide patient care, fire suppression, and rescue services. These services will be provided without prejudice. We will provide to the community in which we live, education in Fire Prevention and Emergency Medical Services, so that a life, home, and business will be saved.

Vision Statement

  • The Schererville Fire Department will be an Exceptional Emergency Service Organization that will provides a Positive, Productive, and Professional working environment. We will demand the highest levels of Honesty, Responsibility, Understanding, Teamwork, Respect, Communication, and Education.

The Fire Department is now fully staffed by paid, professional firefighters and medical personnel. The Department is headquartered at Station #1 on Cline Avenue. The Fire Department also maintains two additional stations. Station #2 is located in Plum Creek at 280 Plum Creek Drive and Station #3 is located at 1949 Springvale Drive, which is south of US 30 and just off Burr Street.