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Schererville Skate Park

The Schererville Skate Park is one of the newest additions to the Schererville Parks and Rec facilities. On July 10, 2015, it was opened to the public.

Rules and Regulations:

Use of the extreme sport area involves the risk of serious injury and death. Any user of this facility acknowledges the risk of injury and death and assumes the risk of injury and death with using this facility.

  • Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. to Dusk
  • This park is not supervised - Use at Your Own Risk
  • Do not use the skate park if the surface is wet or if covered with ice or snow - The Town is not liable for injuries ocurring during adverse weather conditions
  • The area is for skateboarding and bmx bike use only - all other use is prohibited.
  • Any modifications to the park, including use of personal ramps, boxes, rails, and other such devices, are prohbited.
  • Ansi-rated helmets and other protective gear must be used at all times.
  • An adult must accompany any user under the age of ten (10).
  • Profanity, loud noise, and loud music are prohibited.
  • No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products are allowed.
  • This is public property - graffiti or defacing of the skateboarding/bmx bike area is prohibited and violators will prosecuted.
  • No glass, food, or beverages allowed in the skateboarding/bmx bike area.
  • Please keep park clean - dispose of trash in the receptacles.
  • Be respectful of other parks users and neighbors - take turns on ramps.
  • No instruction, lessons, classes, or events are permitted unless approved by the schererville park department.
  • You are prohibited from using this facility unless you agree to follow the rules stated above.
  • Violations of the skate park rules may result in a loss of privileges or closure of the park.

Use of this facility constitutes an acknowledgement and assumption of risk of any injury or death.

The Town does not assume responsibility for personal injury or loss or damage to personal property while using the facility.

Please report any damage to the Parks Department at 219-865-5530.

Please report any rule violations to the Police Department at 219-322-5000.

Schererville Skate Park

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