Town Government

Planning and Building

Welcome to Schererville Sign


Old Downtown Schererville, Officer Redar and his motorcycle pictured

Joliet Street in the 1930s

Downtown Joliet Street, looking west, from the front of the Schererville PD

Joliet Street Today

A view from up high in a helicopter of the construction site of the Schererville Town Hall in 2001.

The Town Hall under construction in 2001

A Ford Model T vehicle driving along a mud road in Schererville, prior to roads actually being paved

A Model T driving on an early "road"

Click here to view Schererville's Zoning Ordinance!

The Schererville Planning & Building Department is committed to providing the citizens of the Town of Schererville with superior public service at all levels, with the highest possible level of professionalism and efficiency.

The Planning and Building Department is in charge of issuing permits, inspections, contractor licenses, and zoning information.

Please, when making your decision on hiring a contractor, contact the Planning and Building Department to determine if they are licensed with the Town of Schererville.
The Planning and Building Department also wishes to express the importance of using 811 Call Before You Dig prior to your project.