About Schererville

In recent years, Schererville has managed to flourish. The Town has seen large improvements in its economic development. For example, a new shopping area has been constructed. “Shops On Main” has brought in many new businesses, job openings, and opportunities for the Town. And there is still room within the Town limits for businesses to expand.

Schererville is located about 45 minutes southeast of Chicago. Over 29,000 people live here, and the population continues to grow. Good homes, good schools, strong businesses, and a powerful sense of community bring the people together. Our Town Council and other municipal leaders know that the feeling of community within Schererville should be cherished, so they continue to foster it by improving the economic aspects and quality of life for the people they serve.

Of course Schererville, known as the “Crossroads of the Nation,” contains the junction where two major roads meet, US 30 and US 41. From these two roads, an abundance of other travel routes can be reached. While US 30 goes coast to coast and US 41 stretches from Michigan to Florida, they may not be the most convenient routes for that distance. Fortunately, several major highways are easily within reach of anyone wishing to venture out of Schererville and have interchanges branching off of 30 and 41; I65, I80, I94, Illinois Route 394, and more. Transportation routes are easy to find near Schererville.

Air travel is easily accessible as well. Both O’Hare and Midway International Airports are within an hour’s drive from Schererville, which both feature a variety of different airlines.  The Gary-Chicago International Airport is a close drive as well, less than 25 minutes away. For the time being though, this airports focus has switched to cargo transportation and charter air service. If travel by water is needed, Schererville is also situated fairly near to Lake Michigan ports.

Two programs have been implemented recently to help Schererville business owners to improve their businesses. The Facade Program is aimed at improving the downtown district of Schererville, located along Joliet Street. The program provides funds for business owners in the area to make upgrades to the buildings they are located in. TIF Funds have been set aside to provide money to local businesses who wish to improve, whether it be employee training, building upgrades, or provide more benefits to the general public.

The Schererville Chamber of Commerce also plays an important role in establishing businesses as leaders in the community. Through the Chamber, businesses can connect with each other to forge relationships and promote their work.