Town Government


Someone You Should Know

Clerk-Treasurer: Janice Malinowski

Janice_Malinowski_Pic2015In 1990, Janice received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Indiana University in Accounting. She continued with her education to obtain her M.B.A from DeVry University/Keller Graduate School of Business. While serving as Clerk-Treasurer, Janice has become a Certified Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) from Ball State Academy, along with becoming an Indiana Accredited Municipal Clerk (IAMC) from Ball State Institute. Janice enjoys serving as the Town liaison to both the Schererville Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Central School Board.

Janice is currently serving her 22nd year of office as Schererville's Clerk-Treasurer. As Clerk-Treasurer, Janice pledges to demonstrate fiscal responsibility at all times to the citizens of Schererville and uphold the Code of Ethics as a Clerk-Treasurer which stresses accountability, community value, honesty, transparency, and integrity at all time.

Janice and her husband, Tom, chose Schererville as a town to raise their family over years ago. They have two daughters: Marsha (Adam) Pieters and Angela Malinowski, along with three vibrant granddaughters, Stella, Cora, and Josie Pieters. Janice enjoys family time, cooking, hiking, exercising, traveling, and gardening.

Duties of the Clerk Treasurer:

Although the primary function of the elected Clerk-Treasurer of a town is to serve as fiscal officer of the town, the Clerk-Treasurer has many other responsibilities. The Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Receive and care for all town money and disburse monies on the order of the town council;
  • Keep financial accounts identifying the sources from which funds have been received and to whom payment of town have been made;
  • Prescribe payroll and account forms for all town offices;
  • Prescribe the manner in which creditors, officers, and employees shall be paid;
  • Manage the finances and accounts of the town and make investments of town money;
  • Prepare the budget estimates of miscellaneous revenue, financial statements, and the proposed tax rate for the Town Council;
  • Maintain custody of the town seal and the record of the town council;
  • Issue all licenses and collect the fees fixed by ordinance;
  • •Serve as the clerk of the legislative body by attending meetings and recording its proceedings;
  • •Administer oaths, take depositions and serve as a notary without fee;
  • Serve as clerk in the town court, if the judge of the town court does not serve as the clerk or appoint a clerk of the court (IC 36-5-6-6)
  • Serve as an ex officio member of the Town Council solely for the purpose of casting the deciding vote to break a tie;
  • Bill and collect for the water utilities rates and charges and appoint employees who are also responsible for that billing and collection