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Public Works

Staff and Equipment

Public Works employs full-time and part-timer workers in the Street Division and the Water Department, who are responsible for maintaining 116.791 (one hundred and sixteen point seven hundred and ninety-one) miles of road. The majority of these employees are laborers, truck drivers, and operators. Many of them possess CDL’s, or a Commercial Driver’s License, signifying that they have the proper knowledge, training, and understanding required to operate and drive the various vehicles Public Works owns.

Additionally, many employees are also certified and trained in the handling and operation of many other types of equipment, including but not limited to the proper procedures for cutting down and removing trees around the Town, repairing water main breaks, or maintaining, mixing the chemicals for, and operating our mosquito sprayer machine.

The Public Works fleet has many different vehicles, all for a range of tasks. Standard pickup’s, vans for the Water Department, several dump trucks, excavators, front end loaders, backhoes, tractors, and street sweepers. Additionally, the Department owns and maintains several pieces of heavy equipment to help conduct jobs around the town such as leaf machines, chippers, mowers, and asphalt rollers.

Staff and Equipment

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