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Schererville Riverfront District Liquor Licenses


In 2020, the Indiana state legislature enacted I.C. 7.1-3-20 et. seq. (the "Act"). The Act permits the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission ("ATC") to issue liquor licenses in the Town of Schererville Riverfront Redevelopment District. The Schererville Town Council, working in conjunction with the Schererville Riverfront License Review Committee, will recommend applications for liquor licenses that will strengthen the economic vitality of the Riverfront District.

The Schererville Town Council has determined that the creation of the Schererville Riverfront Redevelopment District under the Act will help further the goals of the Town of Schererville by removing barriers to development in the downtown and riverfront area. Through the creation of this municipal riverfront development project area, the Town of Schererville will be able to attract additional development opportunities to the District, expand the tax base through additional development, and create more opportunities for the people of Schererville.

The Act permits the ATC to issue liquor licenses within the District, above the normal number granted to Schererville. Granting additional alcohol permits within the District enables the creation of new food and beverage businesses, which will create economic opportunities in the District and will extend activities in the District into the evening hours. The lack of availability of such licenses is considered to be a barrier to development. The Act allows the ATC to grant an unlimited number of licenses within the District, however, the locally established limit for the Town of Schererville is six (6).

Purposes and Goals:

  1. Provide opportunity for economic development, increase the tax base and create jobs.
  2. Remove a significant barrier to Downtown development.
  3. Enhance Schererville’s regional appeal by encouraging the location and operation of a diverse mix of restaurants and entertainment venues in the riverfront district.
  4. Establish a family oriented destination by providing a venue for diverse and unique restaurants in the District so as to entice repeat visits by residents and visitors.
  5. Use the license allocation program to encourage recipients to make improvements to their buildings, create new developments within the Riverfront District, encourage a healthy and fun atmosphere in the Riverfront District, and to complement other redevelopment efforts.


Riverfront District Map:

Blue Lines - River Lines
Pink Line - Riverfront District Outline
Yellow Lines - 200 Ft. Boundary around schools/churches