Establishing Services

Licenses, Registration, Permits:

The First Step towards get a Town of Schererville Business License would be to submit a Letter of Intent:

  • Letter of Intent: All new business applicants are required to submit a letter outlining all pertinent business information. This would include the address of the new business, a complete description of planned business activities, square footage of tenant space with floor plan, projected occupancy, hours of operation, number of employees, parking requirements (defined and striped parking layout), number of company vehicles, and any other information that may be needed for the review process. This is needed to determine that the zoning of the particular property is suited to the use.

Once it is determined that the business fits the zoning the following can be done: 

  • License Application Form: Business License Application Form to be competed and submitted
  • Permits: A build-out permit to be submitted to Planning&Building by a General Contractor for a build-out if needed (this permit will include a Certificate of Occupancy.) OR
    • ‚ÄčIf there is no work to be done to the space to be occupied by the new business, an Occupancy Only permit needs to be submitted to Planning&Building with the Business License Application. This should be filled out with the business owner information so a Certificate of Occupancy can be generated.
    • If additional permits or work are required, this can be discussed when the License Application form is dropped off or through contacting the Planning and Building department, (219)322-2211.
  • Alarm Permit: If there is an alarm currently at the business or will be, an alarm application needs to be completed and submitted.
  • Signage: Changes to business signage must be applied for by a Town registered signage contractor.


Electric or GasIf electric and/or gas needs to be turned on, contact NIPSCO. If NIPSCO says it needs to be inspected by the Town, please come to the Planning & Building Department at the Schererville Town Hall (10 East Joliet St.). You will need to fill out a permit application for inspections. The cost is fifty dollars ($50) for electric and fifty dollars ($50) for gas. These costs go towards paying for an inspector to go out. NOTE:  In most instances this can all be done in a very timely manner.

Water: Customers applying for service are required to sign an Application for Service form at the Clerk Treasurer’s Office and present a government issued ID. Application for service should be completed at least three days prior to needing service at a location. This practice also applies to existing customers moving to new locations within the Town of Schererville.