Schererville Life



The United States Census Bureau has a thorough list of data if one wishes to find out statistics of Schererville, based on the year 2010. You can find that information by clicking this link here: 2010 Census Data.

Additionally, for those interested, has other data regarding Lake County and the towns within it if one wishes to explore more. There is no separate data listed for the Town of Schererville besides a few references to the Town, but some interesting statistics and facts on the inhabitants of the county can be found.

According to the 1930 Population Census, St. John Township had a population of 2105 people. During that same year, Schererville was populated by 580 people.

By 1940, St. John Township had 3468 people. By that year, Schererville’s population had grown as well, now with 948 inhabitants. Schererville also had 24 farms within its boundaries that year.

By 1990, Schererville harbored a population of 19,926. As of the 2010 census, the population was 29,243. 

Despite these large jumps in population, the Census Bureau estimates that the population of Schererville will have decreased slightly from 2010 to 2015, with the population estimate in 2013 being 29,010.