Fire Department


Deputy_Chief_R._PattersonFire Chief Robert Patterson

Appointed: 7/5/1995

Chief Patterson was appointed to the role of Fire Chief in February 2018. He previously served as Deputy Chief since December 2004. Prior to his appointment to the Schererville Fire Department, he served on the Dyer Volunteer Fire Department from 1991 – 1996.


Assistant_Chief_MeyerDeputy Chief David Meyer

Appointed: 11/1/96

Deputy Chief Meyer was appointed in March 2018. He was previously the assistant chief since June 2013. Deputy Chief Meyer oversees the Training Division and assists with running the day to day operation of the department.


Battalion_Chief_W._HoweBattalion Chief Bill Howe 

Appointed: 4/4/1984

Battalion Chief Howe was promoted to his position in January of 2013. He is a second generation Schererville Firefighter following in his father’s footsteps. B/C Howe is the most senior member of the department. Bill is also a Fire Inspector and Fire Investigator. He is in charge of the Red Shift (second turn).


Captain_A._NiemiecBattalion Chief Adam Niemiec 

Appointed: 6/4/2001

Captain Niemiec was promoted to his position in January of 2010. He works on the Gold Shift (third turn). Prior to working for Schererville, he was with the Lake Hills (IN) Volunteer Fire Department.


Battalion Chief Jon Gettemans

Appointed: 3/2017
Jon was hired in July 2012. Before joining the Fire Department, Jon served in the Army.  He is on the Black Shift (first turn).

Captain_J._KonicekCaptain Joseph Konicek

Appointed: 9/1/2006

Captain Konicek was promoted to his position in June of 2013. He works on the Red Shift (second turn). Prior to working for Schererville, he was with the South Holland (IL) Fire Department.


Captain_S._WaterstraatCaptain Steven Waterstraat

Appointed: 12/13/2008

Captain Waterstraat was promoted to his position in February of 2015. He works on the Black (first turn) Shift. Prior to working for Schererville, he was with the United States Army.



Lieutenant_FerrantellaLieutenant Natalie Ferrantella

Appointed: 3/1/2005

Lieutenant Ferrantella was promoted to her position in February of 2013. She works Red (second turn) Shift. Both her husband and son are firefighters.



Non-Officers Name Appointed
Firefighter/EMT Aaron Anderson 9/1/1997
Firefighter/Paramedic Nick Fanelli 3/1/2005
Firefighter/Paramedic Ron Blythe 10/1/06
Firefighter/Paramedic Colin Hubbard 1/1/07
Firefighter/Paramedic Mike Laney 5/9/13
Firefighter/EMT Joe Rhoades 5/9/13
Firefighter/EMT Jon Gill 5/9/13
Firefighter/EMT Marc Radovich 6/17/13
Firefighter/Paramedic Jeff Marsack 12/12/13
Firefighter/EMT Jody Taylor 6/16/14
Firefighter/EMT Bryan Sons 6/16/14
Firefighter/Paramedic Jeremy Golec 2/23/15
Firefighter/Paramedic Mike Cummins 2/23/15
Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Maloney 4/13/15
Firefighter/EMT Phil Hasier 10/12/15
Firefighter/EMT Nick Richards 11/7/15
Firefighter/Paramedic Valentino Trevino 2/1/16
Firefighter/Paramedic Eric Noto 1/29/17
Firefighter/Paramedic Joseph Porcaro 10/1/17
Firefighter/Paramedic Robert Walhman 2/25/18
Firefighter/EMT Tom Markovich 6/10/18
Firefighter/EMT Dave Perry 11/11/18
Firefighter/Paramedic Terrence Jackson 2/11/19
Firefighter/EMT Renard Jones 3/12/19
Firefighter/EMT Kenji Patton 3/12/19
Firefighter/Paramedic Anthony Van Auken 3/12/19
Firefighter/EMT Hayden Tenzera 5/12/19
Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Abens 4/12/2020
Firefighter/Paramedic Dan Kasper 4/12/2020
Firefighter/Paramedic Terry Morgan 5/26/2020
Firefighter/EMT Ted Kowal 9/20/2020
Firefighter/EMT Luis Ortega 9/20/2020
Firefighter/EMT Enrique Pulido 9/20/2020
Firefighter/Paramedic Stephen Vela 9/20/2020
Firefighter/EMT Chandler Czepinski 4/11/2021
Firefighter/EMT Brandon Newcomb 4/11/2021
Firefighter/EMT Noah Wells 4/11/2021
Firefighter/EMT George Tagler 5/16/2021
Firefighter/EMT Andrew Farina 5/16/2021
Firefighter/EMT Josh Bodnar 5/16/2021
Firefighter/EMT Crystal Mayer 5/16/2021
Firefighter/Paramedic Tom McCauley 10/19/2021
Firefighter/EMT Donald York 10/19/2021
Firefighter/EMT Dominic Zuccarelli 11/14/2021
Firefighter/EMT Jacob Thornton 11/21/2021
Firefighter/EMT Collin Zakcavec 11/21/2021