Town Government


Schererville Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a document detailing the thoughts and ideas of the local government and community, which outlines the various ways and methods through which these ideas can be carried out. The Plan serves as a guide against which these hopes can be placed and then approached in a responsible and sensible way. This is expressed by the vision statement which was formulated by the citizens of Schererville:

“The Vision for Schererville includes providing residents with choices and options for housing, recreation, shopping, cultural and social activities and where the community is visually attractive and appealing.
It is the aspiration of the residents to want Schererville to be a place where the local government is fiscally responsible, yet attends to the community’s needs for expanding services and maintaining its quality of life.”

Plan Contents

Chapter 0: Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

  •     This chapter presents the planning process, organization of the Plan, and the statutory basis for the Plan.

Chapter 2A: Community Profile

Chapter 2B: Community Profile

  •    This chapter provides an overview of Schererville’s existing conditions in 2008. This chapter highlights the social and physical character of Schererville. The chapter also presents important trends in land use planning which are expected to influence future development in the community.

Chapter 3: Existing Conditions

  •    This chapter provides a description of the existing land uses in the Town. Also discussed is the area covered by each land use and their predominance and patter in the community. The transportation system and related issues are also described in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Vision

  •   This chapter forms the backbone of the Plan. It describes the public input process which resulted in the development of vision and goals for the Plan. It also lays out the desires of the residents and establishes a direction for the land use and other elements of the Plan.

Chapter 5: Framework

  •   An overall development plan is presented in this chapter. The Framework Plan offers opportunities, as well as areas needing attention in the Comprehensive Plan. A listing of issues which have influenced the Plan Framework are also outlined.

Chapter 6: Land Use

Chapter 6A: Future Land Use Map

  •    This chapter presents the future of Schererville based on the framework presented in Chapter Five. It describes land uses, growth and development areas, character, and future land use pattern for Schererville. Different elements of the Plan, ranging from land use to zoning, are also described in this chapter. Strategies to meet the goals and action steps to implement them are further presented in the chapter.

Chapter 7: Transportation Plan

  •    This chapter outlines the overall transportation network for the Town. The Plan recommends several strategies for corridors and other parts of the network. Future road improvements that are necessary to support anticipated growth are also outlined.

Chapter 8: Subarea Plans

  •    This chapter describes three specific Plan areas located within the Town and provides a general overview of how the Town envisions these areas will develop in the future. The Subarea Plans address topics such as access needs, building form and character, and other objectives by providing a set of policies and design directions for the areas to direct future development.

Chapter 9: Implementation

Chapter 9A: Implementation Chart

  •    This chapter provides the necessary administrative and action steps for implementing different elements of the Plan. It aims to ensure an orderly process for the Plan to remain an effective document which guides future growth and development.