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This section will answer questions that are frequently asked of the Town of Schererville Court. We will attempt to update this list frequently, so check back periodically if you have more questions in the future. If something is not answered here, please use our directory system to contact us by phone or email.

Court Questions

Questions & Answers

What Should I bring with me to Court?

If your ticket was for expired plates, expired driver’s license, or no proof of insurance, bring proof of compliance with you to court. Cell phones are not allowed in court and must be left in your car.

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When is court?

Court is held every Tuesday.

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What happens if I don’t pay my ticket?

If you do not appear in court or pay your ticket by the court date at the bottom of your ticket, your driver’s license will be suspended.

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How do I pay for a ticket?

You can pay through any of the following methods:

  • In person with cash, money order, or cashier's check.  Personal checks are not accepted.  
  • By mail with a money order
  • By phone with a credit card
  • Online with a credit card.  Online payments can be made here or by calling (888) 604 - 7888 and using location number #1569. 

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