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Here are some frequently asked questions which help to give an overview of some of the items that the Planning&Building Department handles, as well as some other questions or requests that are asked here from time to time.

Planning and Building Questions

Questions & Answers

Do I need a permit for my home project?

Check with the Building Department before beginning home-improvement projects. Permits are required for home-improvement projects, including electrical, mechanical, structural or plumbing work. As a result of getting a permit, an inspector will check the work. Inspections provide a measure of safety to protect your life and property. If you are not sure whether or not your project requires a permit just contact the Building Department. Projects that usually require permits:

  • Finishing a Basement
  • Re-roofing, re-siding, etc.
  • Installing electrical outlets
  • Windows
  • Remodeling kitchens or bathrooms
  • Installing a pool, spa or hot tub
  • Building an addition, including seasonal rooms
  • Installing appliances and replacements such as furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fireplaces
  • Building/installing a fence, a shed or a deck

If you are planning to make home improvements, contact the Building Department to find out what building safety code provisions apply and if you need a permit.

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What items require a building permit?

All properties within the Town of Schererville’s Water & Sewer Boundaries require a building permit for any construction activity prior to commencement.

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As a homeowner can I do my own work?

Yes, with an approved building permit issued by the Town of Schererville.

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Is a licensed contractor required and why?

Yes, this is for your protection.  It insures that the contractor working on your property is currently registered, bonded, and insured with both liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.

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What are the requirements for obtaining a permit for new home construction?

Completed Building and Zoning Application, two plat of surveys, two sets of building plans, completed list of sub-contractors and Energy Conservation Code Report.

Building Permit Requirements


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What are the requirements for obtaining a permit to build a shed, fence, deck or other similar structure?

A completed Building and Zoning Application and plat of survey showing location of structure.  For decks, building plans are also needed.

Building and Zoning Application

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What are the requirements for obtaining a pool permit?

Completed Building and Zoning Application, two plat of surveys depicting the placement and measurements of the pool and location, pumps, filters, equipment, fencing, and walk areas.

Swimming Pool Regulations

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Can I drain my pool or spa into the storm sewer?

No direct connection shall be made to the storm sewer and shall be directed away from any adjoining properties. Pool water shall be drained onto the ground and not directed towards any adjoining properties, which will allow chlorinated or treated water to dissipate before being absorbed into the ground.

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How do I obtain a Contractor’s Registration?

Please fill out a Contractor Registration Form.

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Where can I obtain a list of registered contractors?

Contact the Town of Schererville’s Planning & Building Department at (219) 322-2211.

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Do I have to shovel the sidewalk in front of my house?

All sidewalks shall be kept free of dirt, ice, sleet and snow, and maintained in a safe condition for pedestrian travel.

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What is required to obtain a Business License?

Business License Information & Application.

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What can I do with used paint cans/paint?

Latex Paint

1. Remove lid and add an equal amount of any of the following: cat-litter, sawdust, oil-dry granules, sand, or paint-drying crystals, to an equal amount of latex paint.
2. Stir contents until the paint and absorbent- material-mixture has a thick, oatmeal-like consistency.
3. Leave lid off, and allow mixture to air-dry (one to two days) until dry and solid.
4. Place at curb for regular trash pick-up, without lid on paint can.  Haulers will take the paint if they can see that it is dried out.

If you are a Lake County resident, you may also take latex paint to the Hobart Public Works Department, where there is a latex paint recycling facility, located at 340 S. Shelby Street, in Hobart, phone: 219-942-6121.

Oil-based paint can be dried out in the same manner, but even if it has been dried out, it is still considered hazardous-waste, and must be taken to a hazardous-waste site.  If you have any questions regarding the disposal of hazardous waste, or hazardous-waste collection sites, please refer to the Lake County Solid Waste Management District at their website,, or call them at 219-769-3820.

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What can I do with old batteries?

The Town of Schererville recycles old batteries. There is a drop box located at the Clerk Treasurer’s office in the Town Hall.

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Who do I call for property questions?

You can call the Planning and Building office at (219)-322-2211, extension 4.

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Who do I call for property line disputes?

Property line disputes are civil in nature and shall be handled between the affected property owners. However, having a plat of survey can help with this. Please verify your plat of survey with your surveyor.

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