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- Electronics

Lake County Solid Waste Management District has a list of facilities in the county where you can recycle your electronics:

Here are a few additional resources you can use in order to gain knowledge in proper disposal and/or recycling of electronic waste:

- Hazardous Waste

Looking to get rid of hazardous waste (batteries, corrosives, diesels, poisons, pesticides, etc..)?
Check out the Lake County Solid Waste Districts Hazardous Waste disposal schedule for a list of materials accepted, and when and where to take them:

Click here to visit the Lake County Solid Waste Districts website and view their household hazardous waste collection schedule.

- Medication/Sharps Disposal

If you have any unwanted or expired medication that you want to dispose of, you can bring them to the Schererville Police Department during office hours. 
Please do not dispose of these by dumping them down the drain.

Sharps may be disposed of the Schererville Fire Station located at 1650 Cline Avenue. Click here for more information on safe sharps disposal.

Click here to view a full list of locations in Lake County that accept unwanted medication.

- Paint

    Latex Paint

1. Remove lid and add an equal amount of any of the following: cat-litter, sawdust, oil-dry granules, sand, or paint-drying crystals, to an equal amount of latex paint.
2. Stir contents until the paint and absorbent- material-mixture has a thick, oatmeal-like consistency.
3. Leave lid off, and allow mixture to air-dry (one to two days) until dry and solid.
4. Place at curb for regular trash pick-up, without lid on paint can.  Haulers will take the paint if they can see that it is dried out.

If you are a Lake County resident, you may also take latex paint to the Hobart Public Works Department, where there is a latex paint recycling facility, located at 340 S. Shelby Street, in Hobart, phone: 219-942-6121.

Oil-based paint can be dried out in the same manner, but even if it has been dried out, it is still considered hazardous-waste, and must be taken to a hazardous-waste site.  If you have any questions regarding the disposal of hazardous waste, or hazardous-waste collection sites, please refer to the Lake County Solid Waste Management District at their website,, or call them at 219-769-3820.

- Recyclables

The Town of Schererville has dedicated recycling pickup days at residents homes every two weeks. Click here to view Recycling Schedule Calendar. Additional information about refuse and recycling in Town can be found here: Refuse/Recycling Services. 

Guide on What Items Can be Recycled and How to properly Recycle

- Refuse/Garbage

The Town contracts out garbage removal to Republic Services. Click here to find out more about garbage removal in Town.

- Yard Waste

Please refer to this article, Branch and Leaf Pickup Information, created by Public Works to find out how to dispose of your branches, leaves, yard clippings, etc.