Police Department

Support Staff

The Schererville Police Department also houses a number of supporting staff members. They play a vital role in the upkeep of the Department and help to keep things running smoothly.


  • Jacob Cueller
  • Keith Henrikson
  • Kara Ralowski
  • Shannon McNeish
  • Deborah Day
  • Rachal Stewart
  • Tracy Anderson
  • Beth Luketic
  • Patrick Rosado

The Schererville Dispatchers provide a vital service in taking emergency calls and then relaying that information to the appropriate responder.


  • Chief Secretary Cathrine Hardiman
  • Manager Kelly Wynkoop
  • Stepanie Bottiger
  • Shirley Miller
  • Sheri Potts

Crossing Guards

  • Sharon Damron
  • Nicole Litrell
  • Tasha Scurlock
  • Norma Moore
  • Missy Busby