Police Department

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

PD_Divisions_VIPS_Image1The Volunteers in Police Service , or VIPS, program allows everyday citizens to act in a supporting role for the Police Department around town. Members have to go through a 9-week training session with the Schererville Citizens Police Academy, and are then considered eligible to join VIPS if they wish. Currently, there are a few training periods held throughout the year. The academy will offer citizens an opportunity to see how their police department works and what new technologies it has to offer. Class curriculum includes topics such as patrol functions, hand held radar training, criminal investigations, accident investigations, DUI Investigations, self-defense, firearms, railway enforcement, and use of force issues as well as many other police related subjects. There will also be an opportunity to tour the police facility and discuss current issues such as use of force, pursuit policies and evidence collection. Those interested in taking part in the required training to join VIPS can contact the Police Department.

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Current Members​

Name Number
Ron Murphy V15
Michelle Winquist V16
Bob Phelps V39
Jerry Lipski V40
Paul Petrie V41
Chuck Gross V42
John Ramos V43
Rolando DeLuna V45
Tom Kingsley V46
Sharon Ramos V47
Dennis Patrick V48
Kathryn Guzman V50
Sandy Hoscheit V51
Jody Jurgeto V52