Town Government


The Schererville WasteWater Treatment Plant is located in Northwest Indiana and serves the wastewater needs of a population base of approximately 45,000 people in the communities of Schererville and St. John. The Schererville WasteWater Treatment Plant was built in 1964, at the time serving approximately 2,000 people with and Average Daily Capacity of 500,000 gallons per day. We now have a Design Average Capacity of 8.75 million gallons a day and a Peak Design Capacity of 25 million gallons a day and operate 22 sewage lift stations. Here at the Schererville WasteWater Treatment Plant, many processes are used to convert wastewater or sewage into safe and reusable products. The main product is clean, safe water. The second, or bi-product, is biosolids materials, which are used as fertilizers on farm grounds in the surrounding areas.


The mission of the Schererville WasteWater Treatment division is to promote public health, protect the environment, and conserve water resources by treating and reclaiming wastewater generated by the residents and businesses of its service territory in the most economical and efficient manner possible. Responsibilities of the division include complying with the permit requirements of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.