77th Ave. Road Closures Startiing 3/31/2020


Notice from NIPSCO regarding roadwork along 77th Ave:

Beginning 3/31/20, 77th Ave. will be closed to both lanes of traffic from Lincolnwood Ave. to Springhill Dr. during the working hours of 7am-5pm. 

Residents living on Starlight Dr. and Summer Dr. will be allowed to pass through by the flagging team. 

Traffic expecting to enter 77th from Lincolnwood will be detoured to US 30 and over to Austin Ave.

This road closure is expected to end by April 3rd. 

Click here to see graphics of upcoming road closure.

Page 2 of the above traffic plan is how NIPSCO plans to proceed along 77th for the remainder of the Construction.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 warnings, NIPSCO contractors on 77th may be diverted to other NIPSCO emergency projects. When this occurs, construction on 77th Ave. will be suspended for approximately 4 weeks.

At that time, all roads will be free to pass.

We will keep residents informed of details of the 77th project as NIPSCO provides them to us.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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