Kennedy Avenue Project: Expansion of Kennedy Ave. from US 30 to Main Street

September 21, 2022 03:43 PM

Kennedy Avenue Project Description:
Kennedy Avenue from US 30 to Main Street, in Town of Schererville, Lake County.  

Des. Nos. 1173760, 1382603, 1902000, 1801911, and 1900834

The Kennedy Avenue Project involves the widening and reconstruction of Kennedy Avenue from approximately US 30 to Main Street for an approximate length of 2.46 miles. The project is located in Sections 4, 9, and 16 of Township 35 North, Range 9 West in the Town of Schererville, Lake County, Indiana.

Portions of Kennedy Avenue will be widened and reconstructed to reduce delays, improve connectivity, capacity, access management, and pavement conditions. Portions of existing Kennedy Avenue, Joliet Street, Junction Avenue, Public Works Drive/Kaeser Boulevard, Division Street, Oak Street, and Pennsy Greenway Trail will be reconstructed as part of this project. Turn lanes will be added to US 30 and Main Street as part of the project, as well.

The project will be constructed in 4 phases with estimated schedule between 2024 to 2026.

Please see below documents for further information as well as a form for public comments (due to file size several documents must be reached at Google Drive):

Click here to review the Powerpoint Presentation from the March 30, 2022 Meeting.

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