How to Dispose of Latex Paint

August 10, 2015 09:16 AM


1. Remove lid and add an equal amount of any of the following: cat-litter, sawdust, oil-dry granules, sand, or paint-drying crystals, to an equal amount of latex paint.
2. Stir contents until the paint and absorbent- material-mixture has a thick, oatmeal-like consistency.
3. Leave lid off, and allow mixture to air-dry (one to two days) until dry and solid.
4. Place at curb for regular trash pick-up, without lid on paint can.  Haulers will take the paint if they can see that it is dried out.

If you are a Lake County resident, you may also take latex paint to the Hobart Public Works Department, where there is a latex paint recycling facility, located at 340 S. Shelby Street, in Hobart, phone: 219-942-6121.

Oil-based paint can be dried out in the same manner, but even if it has been dried out, it is still considered hazardous-waste, and must be taken to a hazardous-waste site.  If you have any questions regarding the disposal of hazardous waste, or hazardous-waste collection sites, please refer to the Lake County Solid Waste Management District at their website,, or call them at 219-769-3820.

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