Landscaping and Trees in the Parkway

January 4, 2007 05:20 AM

Town of Schererville Ordinance Number 1046, regulates the maintenance and types of bushes, trees and landscaping that homeowners may have placed along the street right-of-way or in the parkway between the streets and sidewalks. These restrictions are intended to allow for free access to pedestrian and vehicle traffic using these public corridors. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to maintain these items in a manner consistent with the provisions of the Ordinance. 

These regulations are summarized as follows: 
1. On the sidewalk side, any tree or bush overhanging the sidewalk must be kept trimmed to a height of no less than seven (7) feet above the walkway. 
2. On the street side, any tree or bush overhanging the street must be kept trimmed to a height of no less than twelve (12) feet above the street. 
3. All trees, bushes and other landscaping must be maintained in a manner to allow for an unobstructed view of any regulatory or informational sign posted along the roadway for traffic regulation purposes. More simply stated; traffic using the streets must be able to see SPEED LIMIT, STOP, and other traffic signs from a reasonable distance as they approach them.

Each year during the fall months, the Public Works Department attempts to inspect and trim branches and bushes not in compliance with Town Ordinance. Our goal is to minimize damage to our snow removal equipment and vehicles, as well as the trucks that pick up trash from your residence year round. Quite often, homeowners have their own ideas as to how they would like their trees trimmed and are not pleased with the finished job when they are left to the Public Works Department. Keeping these items trimmed in compliance with the Ordinance will prevent this type of disagreement.

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