Mailbox Compliancy

December 5, 2023 04:39 PM

The Schererville Public Works Department policy is that we do not repair or replace mailboxes damaged during snow plowing due to improper installation. Our department will only repair and or replace mailboxes damaged by contact with our plows and trucks.

Our experience shows us that many incidents with mailboxes occur when there is an installation issue or a rotted component. Please be sure your mailbox does not have any rotting components and all connections are securely fastened. Your cooperation helps us provide you with better overall and more cost effective services. 

The Schereville Public Works Department prides itself in providing the best possible services to our residents.

SPECIFICATION FOR MAILBOXES: Face of box should be 6-8 inches behind the back edge of the curb and a minimum of 41 and a maximum of 45 inches of clearnace between the top of the curb and the bottom of the mailbox. If your street has no curb, the specifications are from the edge of the pavement. Please visit the USPS website for more info:

Image of a mailbox and how they should be placed next to a roadway

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