Morning Call

December 4, 2015 09:16 AM

The Schererville Police Department is constantly looking for ways to better serve the local community. As a part of this effort, the department established the "Morning Call Program"

Staffed entirely by senior citizen volunteers, this program reaches out to the ill or elderly living alone throughout the town of Schererville.

Participating individuals are contacted several mornings each week by a volunteer to check on their well-being.

This program is a free service enabling seniors alone to feel more secure. In particular, this program offers senior citizens a few precious moments during the day to interact with someone who cares.

Interested individuals may contact the Schererville Police Department to receive an application.

Or, if you have a friend or relative who might benefit from a volunteer's caring telephone call or would just like more information, please contact the individual below for additional information.

Coordinator: Jeff Zemburski
Telephone: 322-5000 / ext. 2314

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