Proper Utilization of US 30 Crossover Medians

November 27, 2023 02:54 PM

US 30 Crossover Medians

Along US 30, Schererville has a few "crossovers" that aer unsignalized such as; US 30 at Reed Lane, US 30 at Anna Street, US 30 at Trenta Court, and US 30 at Residences at Deercreek. Motorists should utilize the following diagram to help understand the proper way to utilize these "crossovers".

Image showing wrong way to use crossover median on the left. Correct way is on the right. Cars need to treat the median as they would any other street and drive on the right side of it.

Imagine there is a yellow line in the median and stay to the right, as you would on any roadway.

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