Reminder Regarding Picking up and Applying for Permits for House Projects


Now that spring is almost upon us, home repair projects will be taking the place of shoveling snow.

Please take note the Town of Schererville does require permits for all projects.  For those of you who have been issued permits this last year or prior to last year please review your paperwork to see which inspections are required to close out your permit.  When inspections are required there is a signed inspection sheet with your paperwork either by you the homeowner, or your contractor.

Please request your inspections the day before you need them by 3:00 PM.  Please note we do not do inspections on the weekends.

We also have several permits waiting to be issued.  If you have applied for a permit and have been notified either by phone or email that your permit is ready for pick up, please do so.  This will eliminate the need for additional phone calls or emails.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding these matters and have a safe & enjoyable spring!

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