Reminder to Move Vehicles During Snowfall

January 31, 2022 03:52 PM

Town of Schererville Residents: 

This is a reminder to please move your vehicles today, or as soon as possible, from Town streets in preparation for the upcoming snowfall. It is estimated that there will be far more than 2 inches of snow over the next few days and parking on streets will be prohibited. Vehicles may be towed in order for our plows to do their jobs. Please keep in mind tow fees can be expensive.

Code Enforcement:
Sec. 8-71: Parking Prohibited after snow is two inches (2")
Parking is prohibited after snow is two inches (2") on all streets in the Town of Schererville, Indiana. Please see Town Ordinance No. 791, Sec. 1, Schedule 2, (also see sec. 8-62 of this code). 

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