Roadwork: US30 West of St. John Rd

May 13, 2024 02:35 PM


Where: US Route 30-West of St John Road
When: Tuesday May 28, 2024-Monday August 12, 2024
Purpose: Bridge replacement over the Dyer Ditch

Update 5/29/24:

Starting on June 10, 2024, bridge deck overlay will begin.

US 30 over Hart Ditch Bridge: There will be only one lane in each direction. The eastbound (EB) lane on US 30 will reduce to one lane (right lane) at Lake St., and the westbound (WB) lane will reduce to one lane (right lane) just west of Clark Rd. in Dyer, Indiana, and transition into the Left Lane closures on EB and WB US-30 between Lake Street and Keilman St.

A truck route for the 11-foot width limit will be as follows:
• Eastbound (EB) US 30 to Northbound (NB) 394 to Eastbound (EB) 80/94 to Southbound (SB) US 41 to Eastbound (EB) US 30.
• Westbound (WB) US 30 to Northbound (NB) US 41 to Westbound (WB) 80/94 to Southbound (SB) 394 to Westbound (WB) US 30.

On US Route 30, the Westbound lanes will be closed to traffic with restrictions to 1 Eastbound lane for both Westbound and Eastbound traffic on 05/28/2024- 8/12/2024. This project is for a bridge replacement over the Dyer Ditch, located ¼ mile west of St John Road.

All traffic is encouraged to plan ahead in using alternate roadways to avoid the work zone whenever possible. Delays are possible.

PLEASE NOTE: This project is not a Town of Schererville project. The project is being conducted by the Indiana Department of Transportation.

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