Street Light Maintenance

August 10, 2015 09:16 AM

Public Works maintains the decorative street lighting that you will see throughout the town. These decorative lights can be found in various subdivisions and throughout the downtown area. If you notice that one of these lights has gone out, or see any other problems, please give us a call.

The overhead street lights located around Town are provided by NIPSCO. They have a very informative website,, where you can report problems that you find with the street lights that they maintain, or other outages. If you should see a light that is out, it can be reported to NIPSCO’s outage center, All you will need to do is provide the Pole Number (located on a small sign on each pole), the closest address, or find it on an interactive map provided on NIPSCO’s website. Additionally, you can call us and we will report the outage.

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